This is a work in progress!

Free Teckie Hosting

We offer free site hosting

Our hosting is completely free! Simply head over to our Github by clicking the "GitHub" button above and create a pull request with the label "Hosting" and include a repo link with your website code.

If you want to keep your repo private simply DM my manager on Discord with the tag m;#6047

You can also upload your repo via our hosting site by going to

We have updated our hosting procedure. Firstly visit and fill out the form. After that please click the Save button and download the file.

After downloading the file, please head over to our upload site and upload the file and submit it.

We should recieve the file within 24 hours. After that our team needs to ensure that your code is functional. If your code has errors our team will either reject your request and email you to fix any errors or we will personally fix any issues. After that will upload your site to our servers and mask it under Google Cloud. After that we will either connect the site to your domian that you uploaded to our API site. If not we will use our domian. For us to connect to your domian we will email you with all the proper DNS configurations needed.